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Proper, functional packing materials are essential for an efficient move with no damages.

While furniture is generally packed using transport covers for domestic and European moves, other household items must be completely packed into boxes. This allows our removals teams to load and unload our vehicles quickly. Items packed in hold-alls, bags or small boxes are not suitable for removals.

Household items are generally packed by the customer, especially for regional moves. And most people are glad to do it themselves as it means saving a lot of moving costs.

If you don’t have the time to pack, we would be happy to do it for you. Many customers prefer to task us with packing only their valuable glassware, porcelain, lamps etc.


..for overseas

In order to be able to load a container compactly for the household goods standard boxes
to be used.
Your valuable furniture should be protected with air cushion foil and cardboard.
Antique furniture often requires additional wood packaging.
If you also want to have fun with your furniture after the long journey, You should leave the packaging to the specialist.
Our highly trained packers know all the tricks and tricks necessary, In order to make the most valuable piece of the journey go beyond the journey undamaged.
The packers we have used have been trained in inter-branch training courses
And have a very great practice experience. On request, foreign-language packers (English, French, Italian) are available.